About the TMM project

Twin Metals Minnesota (TMM) proposes to develop an underground mine and associated processing facilities for the extraction of copper, nickel, cobalt, and platinum group metals (PGMs) in northeastern Minnesota.

The proposed TMM project includes:

Environmental Review Process

The proposed TMM project requires preparation of a mandatory state environmental impact statement or EIS. The EIS evaluates a project’s potential significant environmental effects and discloses that information to project decision-makers and the public.  The DNR is the responsible governmental Unit or RGU, and will serve as the lead agency in completing the state EIS.   The EIS identifies possible project alternatives, and considers ways to avoid, minimize, or mitigate significant environmental impacts.  Information gathered through the EIS will help inform the project design and decisions about permits and other approvals the project would require to proceed to construction and operation.

Current Phase – EIS Scoping

The focus and content of an EIS varies from project to project, and is determined during scoping, the initial phase of an EIS process.  During this phase, the RGU prepares a scoping environmental assessment worksheet (Scoping EAW) and draft scoping decision document.  The public is then asked to review and comment on both of these documents.  Public scoping for the TMM project will include at least one public meeting.

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